Around the Tables

Banquets, Private Dinners, Wedding Breakfasts, Award Ceremonies, Bar Mitzvahs...


An exceptional mind boggling mini cabaret at each table will add the magic ingredient to any dinner, making for a unique and very memorable occasion. 

‘Banquets, Private Dinners, Wedding Breakfasts, Award Ceremonies, Bar Mitzvahs, and all kinds of sit down celebrations’ are the perfect events at which you and your guests can enjoy the amazing sleight of hand magic of one of the UK’s most tallented magicians and an entertainer in much demand around the world.

Even the very best venues can’t bring out everyone’s food at the same time. So, whilst Rajan is delivering a powerful and captivating entertainment experience, he keeps a sharp eye on the service of the the food. By moving on to tables that have not yet been served, he can ensure your guests won’t even notice they are waiting. They will be too busy being enthralled by and interacting with this modern stylish television man of mystery!

When Rajan adds the magical ingredient to your dinner, you are guaranteed everything flows much smoother. The buzz in the room builds as he moves from table to table, leaving rapturous applause behind and eager tables beckoning him ahead, making this world class performer a must have element and the best value for money!

Why not add Rajan’s ‘Mix & Mingle’ option for when your guests arrive and are having cocktails whilst waiting to be called into dinner. Apart from your guests experiencing amazing magic in their hands and under their noses, you get  the added benifit (and piece of mind) of him keeping ‘things going’ so that your guests don’t grow restless should there be any delays in proceedings.

"Thank you for your truly outstanding performance at our managers’ conference. The atmosphere noticeably changed from business to pleasure with your arrival at our table. ...We will be booking you again!" Coca Cola.

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