Testimonials and client list:

Brilliant! ...you were the topic of conversation after you left… David and Victoria Beckham

Thanks to you it was an extreemly successful evening you were fantastic… as always (Dell Computers)

Thank you for your truly outstanding performance at our managers’ conference, we will be booking you again! ..Coca Cola 

How my card got into your shoe I'll never know but you're in my address book.… John McEnroe

WOW!... how did my ring get on your keys?… Lady Isabella Hervey

Fantastic! What an outstanding performance... our guests and dignitaries were charmed by this dapper young man… Boris Johnson (Mayor of London)

Every one of them was mesmerised by you and baffled by your skills. They love me for booking you!…  Brenda Braithwait  (PA)

Brilliant!! Amazing!!! What more can one say? We’ve seen magicians before BUT no one like this. He’s in a class of his own. His magic is mind blowing, his people skills fantastic. He truly added that magic touch to a very important occasion. A lot of people fell in love with him and his charming style. I would recommend him for any event… Rebecca Gold (First Direct)

I would like to thank you most warmly for such an amazing magical show. It was greatly enjoyed by everyone. I still cannot believe that the numbers chosen by three different people were to be found inscribed on the back of your Gold Medal from your Magic Circle - really astonishing show!… Ellie Kinnear (Director Integrated Neurological Services)

Rajan - 'The Magic Man', entertains 'The Worlds Greatest Wizards':  When the makers of the movie fanchise Harry Potter threw the world’s biggest premier for the Final Potter movie, they booked real life wizard Rajan to entertain and enthrall the vast star studded cast of on screen wizards. For the premier launch of the block buster series Merlin, the BBC had to have magic - great magic, and they booked the best - Rajan - to amaze their magical cast, crew and VIP guests.  Such an impressive client list keeps Rajan ‘disappearing’ at all the best venues, making him a thoroughly polished showman and a very popular choice. 

CLIENTS INCLUDE: The Sultan of Brunei, David & Victoria Beckham, Richard Branson, IBM, DELL Computers, Coca Cola, Montblanc, Satchi and Satchi, Panasonic, Chrysler Jeep, Ford, Marlborough, L’Oreal, ICI, Virgin Atlantic, BBC, Chanel 4, ITV, Sky, Pfizer, Air India, Smithklyne Beacham, British Airways, HMV, Amnesty International, Telewest, Mercedes Benz, Volvic, Harrods, Universal Studios FL…….  “To name but a few”.